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Proudly Portuguese, we are a brand full of history. At Fiamma we blend coffee traditions with the constant pursuit of perfection in espresso coffee machines.
Fiamma was born in 1977 in the beautiful city of Aveiro on Portugal's Silver Coast, . The company was founded as RST, S.A.; R, S and T referring to the eletric phases. It started in the automotive sector and belongs to a larger group of companies established in 1971.
In 1980 the young entrepreneurs of RST got passionate for coffee and devoted themselves to producing excellent espresso maschines. The brand name was born: Fiamma, the Italian word for flame, alluding to our passion for coffee that has been inspiring each of our machines.
Just like the famous Portuguese explorers we want to reach new horizons, learning and growing together with users, customers and partners. In 2003, Fiamma exhibited for the first time at the Host show in Milan. Since then Fiamma espresso machines have been present throughout the world, from Seattle to Sydney, reaching more than 70 countries on all 5 continents.

We want to reach new horizons, learning and growing together with users, customers and partners.

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In the constant search for the best flavors, we work with baristas and cooks, entrepreneurs and specialized technicians.

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Rogério Albino - Maintenance Engineer
Catarina Pinheiro - Fiamma's Purchasing Manager
Ricardo Diogo - Product Engineer
Fábrica do Barista

Courses & Workshops

Class Barista 2
20 Apr.-21 Apr.
Fábrica do Barista, Aveiro
Workshop Barista Attitude
7 Jul.-7 Jul.
Fábrica do Barista, Aveiro
Barista 1
21 Jul.-22 Jul.
Fábrica do Barista, Aveiro
Latte Art
28 Jul.-29 Jul.
Fábrica do Barista, Aveiro
Compass Multiboiler na Fábrica do Barista
Café Espresso a ser extraído
Latte Art na Fábrica do Barista
Coffee Beans and Grinds
Backside of Astrolab Espresso Coffee Machine

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