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Fiamma Stories
We at Fiamma love stories told over a cup of coffee. That's why we believe that an espresso coffee machine is the life and soul of any coffee place. If an espresso machine had ears it would have so much to tell.

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Rogério Albino
Officially, Rogério is Fiamma‘s process and maintenance manager, but you can call him superman. You want to improve a production process? Call Rogério! You need to solve a technical problem? Call Rogério! You want to build something? Call Rogério! A few moments later he will come up with a solution and surprise you with more ideas!

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Catarina Pinheiro
Say "hello" to Catarina Pinheiro. Catarina works in our purchasing department. Polyglot, methodic and very disciplined, she makes sure every investment in Fiamma is a success.

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Ricardo Diogo
When you make a puzzle there can't be a piece out of place, can it? Ricardo is responsible for ensuring that all parts are designed perfectly on our machines. A true perfectionist.