What if there was a state-of-the-art machine, yet perfectly easy to use? A machine that turns pressure profiling into just another simple operation? This was our challenge - and the Astrolab is our answer. We are inspired by the Portuguese sailors that navigated the seven seas with innovative nautical instruments - just like the Astrolabe, the Astrolab coffee machine guides the way to the greatest possible coffee you can imagine.


Meet the ideal luxury coffee machine for your home, office, specialty coffee shop or micro roastery. Vela is a cutting-edge machine, inspired by the maritime culture of Portuguese navigators, with advanced and easy-to-use features. A blend of perfection in design and performance so the barista can pursue the best of every single extraction.


This model puts your business on the map! The Compass machine allows baristas to reach their full creative potential. It is the perfect tool for serving coffee after coffee, cup after cup, making it easy to adapt any parameter to the characteristics of speciality coffees or special blends.


Quadrant gives you the best of both worlds: eletronic control and the traditional single boiler + thermosiphon system. This model allows behind the counter workflow to be faster and efficient.


Achieve your goals with the Caravel line - versatile, powerful and reliable machines. They will provide you with an excellent espresso, and we made them very easy to operate.


Small but powerful, the Marina coffee machine is ideal for those who demand the perfect espresso in spaces of low consumption or even at home. In its compact stainless steel structure we have incorporated high quality professional components.

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